Saturday School adults

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he Saturday School also offers Danish lessons for adults on school days i.e. every other Saturday from September to April. We assemble in church, sing a few songs and after join one of the teachers in class.

Danish for adults are taught on three levels:

Adult 1- Absolute beginners

Adult 2 - Intermediate

Adult 3 – Advanced

All teachers are experienced volunteers and the students are in many cases parents of children in the Saturday School, but anyone can participate. The tuition fee for a full season is £85. 

The school is non-devotional and we welcome students of all or no faith. However, in order to attend the Saturday you must be a registered member of the Danish Church.  Register for membership HERE.

For further information, please contact head of school Helle Bond  or call 078 7570 1650.

Dates for the school year 2018-2019, lessons are from 2-4pm:

Dates for the autumn term 2018:

8th of September, 22nd of September, 6th of October, 20th of October, 3rd of November, 17th of November, 1st of December.

Dates for the spring term 2019:

12th of January, 26th of January, 9th of February, 23rd of February, 9th of March, 23rd of March, 6th of April (subject to change if the church building project starts earlier than expected)